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#شهر_رمضان .. 💚
ربنا نستودعـڪ رمضان
فلا تجعله آخر عهدنا
واخرجنا منہ مقبولين
مرحومين معتوقين ..💜💙
واعده علينا أعواماً
عديده لا فاقدين ولا مفقودين
سعداء مسرورين ..💙❤️
واغفر للمسلمين والمسلمات
والمؤمنين والمؤمنات الاحياء
منهم والأموات .. 💚💙
#اللهم_امين ..💚 (at اعادة الله علينا لافاقدين ولا مفقودين💚)







This nigga just copped a super Mario star he invincible af
 nah but forreal tho somebody explain this

Metallic silver coating, does rainbow effect thing when passing lights

thank you car side of tumblr

Cuz went to Los Santos customs

It’s not just plain metallic silver. It’s prismatic paint. The car actually has all those colors no matter where it is, they just don’t look like they’re moving as much.

She’s actually right.


i cant stop watching

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Escalator Stare Luigi

- The traveler came to us
Because he saw a darkness and we are the earth last hope to save our world and we are everything what humans have so save the world or everything
will be gone forever.

The game That take my soul and make me happy the game that takes my best time and make it useful
Destiny the game that was made from my best two companies
Call of duty
And Halo with bungie
The two companies that makes you feel and be the game for real.

I love you destiny
By Manaa.Almarzoqi

"Oh I have no doubt that you can." Stiles grinned. He shrugged at the question and looked down. "I mean, yeah. I only see you at school and we’re friends right?" he asked. "Usually friends hang out and stuff. I never see you outside unless you are buying something usually."
“Do i really need to answer that? Because i’m not going to answer that.” Jodie blinked with his question. Of course they are friends. Stiles is one of the few people that she have a friendship and even because of that, sometimes she just prefer to be alone so that Aiden can’t cause too much trouble. With a small sigh, Jodie placed her head on his shoulder. “Do you want to hang out? Then let’s hang out. What do you want to do?” She asked at him.

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